The Parkland Jewish Community Response To Our Tragedy

On behalf of all of our community leaders and rabbi's we thank you for your overwhelming messages of support and desire to assist our community during this terrible time.

Here's what you can do to help us on the ground:
During this fragile time we seek the comfort of our community and the faith of our Torah to heal the survivors and honor the souls of our beloved who were so senselessly slain.

Community Campaign
The community Rabbi's & Rebbetzins gathered over Shabbat and established a campaign to personally visit and gift each and every Marjory Stoneman Douglas Jewish teen (almost 1,000 strong) with:
- their very own Mezuzah for their bedroom door over the next few weeks.
- Unique Shabbat Candlesticks to light on Friday night for each girl.
- Each boy with his own pair of Tefilin.
- Shabbat Teen Dinner (Monthly) with counselors, social workers, Rabbi's and support.
- Commissioning a Torah of Love. The greatest blessing that we can provide to the community is uniting every Jew through writing a community Torah that will serve as an everlasting tribute to the precious young lives that were lost.

Every single Child in @ MSD will receive a good card identifying positive acts they can do throughout the day.
We have also begun a campaign to introduce a MINUTE OF SILENCE at the start of every school day in Parkland to reflect and connect to their higher purpose, potential and responsibility.

Include your name to be sent to the recipient with your offer to be in personal contact by email or phone by submitting your additional information during the donate process.

Other Initiatives are currently in the works that will honor all 17 victims such as creating a safe place for every teen in our community (non denominational) to become involved in good deeds and community service projects.

Thank you for your calls and support!

Chabad of Parkland:
Rabbi Yosef & Bayla Biston
Rabbi Mendy & Estie Gutnick
Rabbi Shuey & Sarah Biston

Chabad of Coral Springs:
Rabbi Avrohom & Chani Freidman
Rabbi Yossi & Rivkie Denburg
Rabbi Yankie & Chana Denburg
Rabbi Heshy & Chani Bronstein
Rabbi Shaya & Chayale Denburg


Mezuzah Project

Shabbat Candlestick

Shabbat Candle Lighting Project


Tefilin Project

Monthly Teen
Shabbat Dinner $540

Teen Shabbat Dinner Initiative
3 Available

Alyssa Alhadeff Community Torah

Torah Letter $36

Sponsor a letter in the
Alyssa Alhadeff Community Torah

Torah Word $100

Sponsor a word in the
Alyssa Alhadeff Community Torah

Torah Verse $180

Sponsor a verse in the
Alyssa Alhadeff Community Torah

Torah Parsha $540

Sponsor a Parsha in the
Alyssa Alhadeff Community Torah

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